Man Caves Have Evolved – It’s Time to Build Yours

The Man Cave

Men have evolved and their “caves” have, too.  The modern man cave is no longer a corner of the family garage where Dad and his friends drink beer while working on a car. No, today’s man cave is a well-appointed space where a guy can watch sports, entertain friends, and pursue his hobbies. The modern man cave is large enough to accommodate comfortable furniture, a bar, and all the equipment a man’s hobbies require.

It has never been easier or more affordable to add a man cave, or workshop structure, to a property. Clearing the garage and moving cars out into the elements is old school. With a stand-alone structure, the family cars can stay in the garage and modern men can use 100% of the new space as their own personal escape, party place, sports lounge, or creative workshop.

The simplest solution is a steel structure like those we build here at Newmart Builders. These come in a variety of prefabricated designs or kits to build yourself or with the help of a local contractor.

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Consider a Metal Building as Part of Your She Shed Plans

Resting and relaxing

Do you ever dream of a private retreat where you can leave the cares of daily living behind? A place just for you. No kids. No husband. No blaring TV. A space to relax, recharge and rejuvenate…

Well you don’t need to book a trip to an exotic spa or meditation center to get the peace you crave. In fact, your private retreat could be as close as your own backyard in your very own She Shed.

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7 Winter Tips for Horse Health & Safety

horse in snow

Winter is fast approaching around the country. That means below-freezing temperatures, wind, cold rain, and of course snow and ice for many areas across the US. If you’re planning to keep your horses outdoors this winter, it’s important to plan for their health and comfort as cold weather approaches.

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5 Ways to Turn a Simple Garage into Your Dream Space

pole barn

At Newmart Builders, we’ve earned a solid reputation for our durable, affordable steel buildings made with American steel. In fact our customers love the convenience and affordability of our garages and carports for storing vehicles, boats, supplies, and equipment.

But did you know that our steel buildings can be customized to create the ultimate workshop or hobby center, too?

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Heating Your Garage or Workshop for Winter Projects & Hobbies

wood carving

Have you been thinking of investing in a garage or workshop to indulge in your favorite hobby? Maybe you’d love to have your own private space to engage your inner artist, build woodworking projects, work on your hot rod, or get the garden started before the spring season.

Have thoughts of winter’s cold, dark days stopped you in your tracks?

The truth is that utilizing your garage or workshop in the winter is one of the best ways to combat cabin fever and while away those dark, cold days doing something you love. You just need to find a way to make your garage more comfortable during those cold months.

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Metal Storage Buildings for Winter

Tractors in storage

Not looking forward to winter weather because it means scrambling for places to keep outdoor tools and equipment that you don’t need through the colder months?

Or, are you trying to figure out where to keep your recreational vehicles so they stay clean and dry?

Wish you didn’t have to take such a disorganized approach to winter storage?

The good news is that you don’t! A sturdy and affordable steel building can make your winter storage simple. And, there are other great reasons why high-quality outbuildings, like our American steel-built structures, make the long, cold winter easier to bear.

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Why We Proudly Use American Steel

Made in USA

As proud Americans, it only makes sense for us here at Newmart Builders to produce our steel pole buildings from American steel. We strongly believe in providing jobs and opportunities for our neighbors within our service areas and across this great country. We also feel that only American-made steel can deliver the highest quality and most durable final product that our customers expect.

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Why Steel Buildings Will Save You Money on Insurance

Saving Money

As you begin to think about adding a new structure to your property, you’re almost certainly wondering how this will affect your homeowner’s insurance rates. It’s true that whenever you construct any new building, your costs will increase as you extend coverage to another valuable asset on your property. And if your new structure is worth more than 10% of the current insurance value of your home, or you are financing your building and your lender is requiring a separate policy on it, you may be facing a substantial change in your premium costs.

But did you know that specific facts about your new structure’s fabrication and how you’re planning to use it will determine how much more money your insurance company will charge you to protect it? Where you live matters, as well, but the material your structure is made of is the first point your insurance company will consider in calculating your rates.

The good news is building a steel structure like those we offer here at Newmart Builders can keep your current insurance rates from going up very much at all, especially compared to the potential increase associated with a new wood structure. Steel buildings tend to be looked at more favorably by insurance companies versus wood-framed buildings and even those made of certain types of masonry (especially if they have a traditional wood roof or floors). There are several reasons why choosing steel for your new structure is a smart money move. Continue reading “Why Steel Buildings Will Save You Money on Insurance”

The Ultimate Metal Workshop Building

Pole barn

If you’re a DIY-enthusiast or enjoy spending your free time making furniture or tinkering with electronics, among other hobby pursuits, it’s almost a guarantee that you need more workspace right now. Between your tools and equipment and various projects in progress, your current shed or garage or basement workshop is overflowing, right? And you may have stopped working on an important project because it’s simply too much of a hassle to maneuver in your current cramped and cluttered space. We understand the challenges you’re facing, but want to assure you that it doesn’t have to be like that!

You’ve probably already considered building a separate structure on your property as a standalone workshop space. Having a large, dedicated building for project work is a dream for many. Did you know that these structures don’t have to break the bank, and if you want to, you can even construct the building yourself? Indeed, there are many great reasons to build a new workshop from one of our garage plans here at Newmart Builders, and affordability is a major one. Let’s take a look at how you can create the ultimate home workshop on a reasonable budget in just hours or days with a durable steel structure. Continue reading “The Ultimate Metal Workshop Building”