Admiration for Steel: The Beauty and Strength of Metal Building Materials

a two-car garage

Wind, rain, and hail cause millions of dollars in property damage yearly. From broken car windows to rusting lawnmower chassis, your property is at risk of harm every time a storm cloud rolls through. Metal buildings are among the best for storage and safety of vehicles, tools, and equipment.

Our high-quality galvanized steel building components defend your property against the worst Mother Nature can throw at it while providing an attractive finish. You won’t have an eyesore on your property. You will have a functional building made from the best metal building materials that can be designed to your specifications. Call today to learn how we can help you be the neighborhood’s pride!

What Materials Are Best for Metal Buildings?

Many metal building materials are available on the market, from aluminum to copper to steel. When choosing outdoor structures and metal building kits, you should carefully consider that the material will be exposed to the elements for years to come. While aluminum is a strong choice, treated steel will provide your building components with a cheaper, stronger, and more dependable construction.

From the metal roof to the siding and even the frame, galvanized steel is a metal building material that outperforms most other building components, particularly in commercial uses. The compatibility between fasteners, vents, and other add-ons makes this material particularly attractive, as different materials can cause more wear during regular use when they rub against each other.

What Is Galvanized Steel?

Galvanized steel is a zinc-coated form of steel that is cleaned, dipped in acid, fluxed (impurities removed), and then dipped in molten zinc. This process results in a thin layer of zinc across the surface of the steel, which protects the inner metal from rust and other damage.

Steel is prone to rusting, corrosion, and other wear. Most materials, particularly iron-based building components like steel, will face these challenges. However, galvanization is a treatment that gives your project a stronger and more beautiful material.

What Are the Benefits of Galvanized Steel for My Metal Building?

Galvanization is a simple, low-cost process of treating your steel components. This results in a frame, body, and accessories that have the benefits of:

  • Lower cost: There are many treated steel options, but galvanization is one of the cheapest as it doesn’t require lengthy preparation, close inspection, or slow-drying paints or coatings.
  • Longer Lifespan: Galvanization increases the lifespan of steel components, allowing your galvanized steel building to last upwards of 50 years
  • Rust Resistance: Iron naturally oxidizes – and rusts – with time. Wet weather, salt, and other common environmental factors can speed up rust. But the outer layer of zinc doesn’t react with oxygen, protecting it from damage.
  • Durability: This outer layer of zinc also protects the underlying steel structure from scratches and dents. Because of the molten-dip process, every nook and cranny is protected.

Galvanization is one of the best processes for treating and producing building components. Its quick turnaround time also means we can install your custom-designed building faster than most other companies.

How Does Newmart Leverage These Benefits for You?

a single car detached garage

Because galvanized steel is strong and resistant to wear, it is used throughout the construction of all the buildings you can choose from. From carports to garages, your structures will receive unmatched strength and durability with these metal building materials. Each part of these metal building components can benefit from the unique benefits of galvanized steel:

The Building Frame

Our steel barns are made from 14-gauge galvanized steel framing for the best structural strength. We use 2’ x 3’ steel framing posts larger than the industry standard for a more robust and sturdy construction. This strength provides a more secure building that can withstand nearly any weather.

The Panels and Roof

Our 29-gauge steel sheeting provides a light but strong layer of protection for your equipment, vehicles, and storage. It forms a powerful shield against the elements and an attractive, sleek exterior for residential and commercial needs. For garages, it ensures you have an enclosed space that will keep your vehicles dry.

Accessories and Components

When two materials rub against each other, the more complex of the pair will cause more damage to the softer. This is why galvanized steel trim, fasteners, vents, and other building components are used for our structures. This prevents damage where parts are in contact, creating a longer-lasting bond with fewer potential points of failure.

Trust Newmart Builders to Protect Your Equipment with the Best Metal Building Materials

When you rely on your vehicles, equipment, or even animals for daily work, you must know they will be kept safe and dry. We can provide this peace of mind. Don’t lose another wink of sleep over leaks or weather!

As a Virginia company, we proudly use only the best American steel in our buildings. We believe in the quality of this metal building material and in supporting your national and local businesses. So when you are ready to start your building, make the right choice and call us today!