DripStop for Metal Roofs: How to Say Goodbye to Costly Water Damage

A view of a metal building with multiple vents

Are you worried about the lifespan of your metal roofing of your carport, garage, or boat storage? Concerned that your equipment or livestock will struggle in high humidity conditions? Drip edge flashing and DripStop for metal roof systems can help reduce condensation and morning dew damage, preventing expensive damage to your stored goods, structure’s foundation, and more!

You’ve likely seen how early morning moisture collects on your metal roofing materials. This condensation is caused by the difference in temperature between the air and the metal roof. A good condensation control membrane will slow evaporation, providing natural moisture and temperature control. Call us today and learn more about how these moisture control systems will help you!

What Are the Best Ways to Control Moisture in My Metal Building?

Metal buildings can be very good for environmental control. When storing equipment or livestock, you will want to ensure that the heat and moisture levels are managed well. This proper management will prevent rusting tractors and sick animals.

For the outside of your building, drip edge flashing will guide dripping water away from your foundation and into gutters or other water collection containers. DripStop will provide condensation control for the inside of your structure while protecting your stored materials.

What Is DripStop?

DripStop is an internationally patented condensation control membrane that can be applied underneath nearly any metal roof panel. From stainless steel to aluminum, your roofing material can benefit from an inner layer of condensation control. You can apply DripStop before or after installation—though it is far easier to add on before the roof of your outdoor structure goes up.

This soft and spongy material works when the temperature and moisture reach the point where the moisture gathers on your roof’s interior, also known as the dew point. This condensation control membrane slowly releases moisture as the temperature rises and air flows through your structure. In a well-ventilated building, air will be pulled in the eaves and across this layer of moisture, cooling the structure.

What Are Roof Drip Edges?

Roof drip edges are a metal flashing common on shingle roof systems. These metal strips line your roof and guide dripping water away from your building’s foundation or other sensitive areas. For shingle roofing, this prevents water from slipping underneath the roof deck and causing water damage to wooden supports. For metal roofing, this still provides benefits to the entire structure by guiding water away from the structure.

A side benefit of drip edge flashing is pest control – animals and insects will often nest under the eves and hanging edges of your metal roofing. Drip edges fill that space and prevent dangerous pests like wasps from nesting. Don’t worry about being chased away from your carport ever again!

What are the Benefits of Moisture Control?

Drip edge flashing and DripStop can work together to provide dozens of benefits to your metal roof.

Extend Your Metal Roof’s Life

A close-up view of a black metal roof with matching gutter and drip-edge

Moisture can be very damaging to most kinds of metal roofs. DripStop will prevent moisture from gathering on the underside of your roof, which, when left unchecked, cause rust and mold on the underside of your roof. DripStop controls this moisture and prevents standing water.

Drip edge flashing helps guide water off your roof’s edges, preventing it from pooling and causing damage. Similarly, these will guide ice and snow down and off the roof. While metal roofing materials are known for their weatherproofing, this durability doesn’t stand up against the oxidizing force of standing water.

Protect Your Foundation

Water dripping inside of your building can cause damage your building’s foundation. Water damage can slowly but consistently erode your foundation as it drips and streams along the surface. Guiding and holding water away from your foundation inside and outside the structure is the best way to prevent expensive foundation repairs. Your foundation can be particularly expensive when designed for larger storage needs, like for carport-shed combos. Water-damaged foundations are easy enough to prevent with DripStop and drip edge flashing.

Preserve Your Stored Equipment Longer

Mold is one of the biggest dangers of moisture in an enclosed space. Mold growth can cause health issues in workers and livestock, can spoil stored grain, and can damage gardening or landscaping supplies. Moisture control is critical to holding onto your goods for as long as possible.

High moisture and high temperature inside an enclosed space can also cause damage to equipment and tools. High moisture areas eminently damage metal, so your tractors, mowers, and power tools can suffer inside a high-moisture space.

Protect Your Storage with Drip Edge and DripStop for Metal Roof Systems

Your metal roof protects your storage space. From animals to expensive equipment, you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your structure to keep the elements out. But the elements have a way of finding their way in. Even normal humidity and temperatures can reach the dew point and adversely affect your structure’s insides. That’s why drip edge and DripStop applications can be so valuable.

Newmart Builders Inc. is one of the East Coast’s most skilled and knowledgeable companies, and we want to help you with your structure’s safety and success. Protect your structure and storage from the dangers of corrosion and water damage, and see how DripStop and drip edges save money. Let us help you with your condensation control today!