Elevate Your Curb Appeal: Tips for a Stunning Metal Carport Makeover

An unwalled carport with tan siding below the red roof.

Have the kids moved out and left you with an empty carport? Did you buy a new home and inherit a metal structure? Whatever the reason, a makeover is just what you need when you have an outdoor structure that doesn’t quite fit your needs!

One problem with an outdoor structure is that there are so many choices for using it! The durability, space, and customization mean that a metal carport makeover can be life-changing. Once you’ve developed an idea of how you want to use your steel carport structure, come to Newmart Builders and get started on your dream space!

Create an Outdoor Oasis Inside of the Carport Shade

One of the most popular metal carport makeovers is to create an outdoor relaxation space where you can spend time with your family. With the installation of some outdoor furniture and welcoming decorations, you can enjoy the vibes of a cabana by moving your metal carport poolside.

The best part of installing this idea is how it brings your family together under the space. You can relax in the shade on warm summer days or set up a projector for family movie nights! With just a few alterations, like comfy furniture and rugs, your carport can become an inviting space. Bring your landscaping close, and the greenery will form natural wind barriers and enclose your carport in comfort.

Enjoy a New Man Cave or She-Shed Through a Metal Carport Makeover

A bright red-walled carport set onto a gravel driveway.

Having some time alone can be challenging to fit into your busy schedule. With some space dividers and your personal touches, you can create a space separate from day-to-day life while being right at hand. This carport can be your own stylized and individualized space.

Whether you need a space for meditation, entertainment, or just a place to store the things that don’t fit your own style or home’s aesthetic, you can easily use a carport as a home away from home. This space is also excellent for storage and can help you save money on expensive storage units while enjoying more regular use of your property.

Use Your Carport to Build a Hobby Space

Have you discovered a new passion? A metal carport makeover can give you the perfect storage solution for gardening or woodcraft! From tools to materials, the sturdy construction of a carport roof will protect your essential projects from the elements.

Carports are durable enough for heavy-duty hobbies like sports and can easily be altered to be comfortable and sufficient for delicate crafting. Put in a golf net to practice your swings, construct a home gym to stay in shape, or set up storage tubs to hold all your sewing fabrics. This carport space is yours to use!

Carports Can Provide Al Fresco Dining Space

A light grey roofed and walled carport with white trim, built on a gravel driveway.

If you enjoy an outdoor dining experience, don’t bother with wooden pergolas that won’t protect you from wind and rain. A modified carport can provide a welcoming dining atmosphere to introduce to your daily lifestyle. You can create a lively atmosphere with a bar that will help entertain guests or do something more cozy and refined with a candle-lit table for two.

From outdoor stone pizza ovens or firepits built for barbecue, it’s easy to set up a small cooking station near your new carport for a functional space that can double as a focal point of festivities. Any backyard can suddenly become the best dining place with the right equipment!

Give Kids a New Play Area Protected by a Metal Roof

If you’ve inherited a home with a carport, but the kids aren’t ready to add their cars or vehicles to it, the covered space can be an ideal choice for your children’s outdoor playroom. The steel roof will keep them safe and dry while they have fun with activities like painting, practicing sports, or doing other raucous activities.

If you’re tired of children sitting on their iPads and video games when they’re stuck inside due to rain, carports can provide a unique way to keep them dry, close, and active. If you want to create this type of play space, consider things like soft play mats, brightly colored rugs, or using their favorite play set as a focal point.

Make Small Changes to Your Carport and Renew Your Look!

If you need to refresh your carport’s look, try out some simple paint changes that will enhance and stylize it into a brand-new look.

Change the Color Scheme

A set of 16 color swatches for metal carport walls and roofs.

From the roof to the walls, the exterior of your garage or carport is yours to change! Metal carports can come in dozens of colors and be painted for renewed sheen! Adding a UV-resistant coating often gives metal siding and roofing longer lifespans. This excellent top coat adds to your building’s lifespan while changing its appearance!

Add Windows and skylights

When you use your metal carports for new purposes, you might realize that natural lighting is a new need that isn’t being met. Adding windows and skylights is something that many metal building manufacturers can easily do—providing you with better lighting, a cheerier interior, and inspiration for that next big project.

Brighten Up the Area

Lights are one of the best ways to renew a space, from lamps to chandeliers. One of the easiest ways to brighten a space is with fairy lights or rope lights, which can extend the whole way along your carport’s beams and eaves. Inside and out, if you install new lighting, you will be much more impressed with your carport, day and night.

Personalize With Decor

Use your indoor decor to spruce up your carport! Repainting storage racks or workbenches is an easy way to keep your aesthetic across your building and carport. Decorate with spare items you’ve loved but haven’t found the suitable space to give personality to your carport interior.

Come to Newmart Builders and See the Possibilities!

Are you worried about how your old carport will fit into your new or changing life? Get your new carport off to the right start with our customizable carport options! When you work with Newmart, you get a company that can provide a flexible metal structure that will fit all your DIY carport makeovers.

Explore some of the vibrant and creative options available to you through our digital 3D configuration. This tool will help you visualize the possibilities and inspire your metal carport makeover! Once you’re ready to start, call us and take the first step toward your double carport into your ideal personalized space.