What You Should Know When Comparing Metal vs. Wooden Sheds

A-Frame metal shed building with large combo area from Newmart Builders

Sheds—whether metal buildings or constructed from wood—can provide ideal storage space for any home or property. These backyard structures are incredibly versatile—they can be used as storage for garden equipment, as a workspace, or even as a personal retreat. Regardless of any shed’s purpose, homeowners first have to select which type of shed and construction material is best for their needs.

The primary material consideration is typically a metal shed vs. wooden shed, though you may also find plastic sheds for sale at the big box home improvement stores. All of these types of material can provide durable, spacious storage, but they differ in their required maintenance, vulnerability to pests and weather, possible customization, and costs.

Today’s post takes a look at wood-constructed sheds compared to the durable steel buildings we sell here at Newmart Builders, highlighting why our buildings are almost always the best choice.

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DripStop: Preventing Condensation in Your Metal Building

example of condensation droplets

Metal buildings are well known for their durability, strength, and weather-resistance, making them a superior choice over many traditionally-constructed buildings. In fact, metal buildings can even save you money on insurance. However, metal buildings are also prone to issues with condensation not typically seen in conventional buildings.

While condensation can damage metal buildings over time, preventing condensation and the water damage that results isn’t difficult. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new metal building or already own one, here’s what you need to know to protect your building.

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Filing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim for Your Metal Building

insurance claim form

As storms around the country become more frequent and intense, many homeowners are faced with inevitable damage to their properties, including their metal buildings and carports

If your metal building has been damaged by a recent storm from wind, hail, or even a combination of weather factors, you should be able to recoup the cost of the damage by submitting a claim to your home insurance company. While the process for filing a claim can vary depending on your insurance provider, it’s essential to get the details right in order to recover the full value of your loss.

Follow these tips to maximize your chances for a successful claim with a minimum of hassle.

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What You Need to Know About Buying a Metal Building Instead of a Pole Barn

A green metal building with garage doors and windows from Newmart Builders

Since there are many outdoor storage options on the market today, knowing which one to select for your property may seem a little daunting. When you need outdoor storage solutions at home, or to add a new building to your commercial property, you need durability and design flexibility. A metal building from Newmart Builders gives you the flexibility of customization along with the guarantee of durability.

Today’s blog post discusses the differences between a metal building and a pole barn—highlighting many of the positive selling points of investing in steel buildings.

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Want a Home Gym? Learn How to Convert Your Garage Today

Woman using an elliptical in her home gym

If you’ve had enough of your local gym, or you want easier access to fitness equipment, consider adding a home gym. Don’t think you have space in your home? Your garage could make the perfect, budget-friendly spot for a garage gym!

As a homeowner, you want to make the most of the space in your home. However, what happens when you have run out of space inside your house? For many people, the garage then becomes a giant storage bin. In this blog post, learn how to remove clutter from your garage and create an efficient home gym space.

Don’t currently have a garage? No problem! Newmart Builders has several durable and budget-friendly metal garage building options—many are even fully customizable!

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RV and Boat Storage: Comparing Your Options

RV Storage

As the season grows colder and we start hunkering down for the winter weather, certain outdoor recreational activities get put aside for a few months. The air and water start becoming too cold for boating, while the snow and holidays start making RV camping difficult. But when spring rolls around, nothing will deflate your boating or camping plans like seeing weather damage from improper boat or RV storage.

Luckily, avoiding damage to your expensive recreational investments is as simple as finding the proper storage options for your boat or RV. Finding the perfect storage space may seem daunting, but here at Newmart Builders, we want to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to RV or boat storage.

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Use Metal Garage Kits for a Home Office

Home Office with Modern Decor

Whether you work from home or run your own business, finding a dedicated space to do your work is essential to achieving work-life balance. While many homeowners consider remodeling their home to create a suitable workspace, a garage can easily serve as a home office, without the hassle, time, and mess of a home renovation project.

Garage spaces are separate from your home, too, providing the perfect option if you need to meet with clients or simply want a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of your normal household. Adding a detached garage can provide even more privacy.

Ready to get started converting your garage into a productive home office? Read on for our best tips and tricks.

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Increase Storage with a Metal Garage

garage living space

The garage is usually one of the most disorganized spaces in any home. Built to hold vehicles, garage spaces aren’t designed to handle storage, at least not without a bit of help. Yet many homeowners find their garages filled with a wide variety of items that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

If you’re tripping over a sea of boxes, need a place to store your tools, or just want to clean up so you can park your car in the garage again, you’ll want to check out these tips to maximize your garage space.

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Six Most Essential Elements of Any Woodworking Space


Most woodworkers start out with a collection of tools and a bench in the corner of their garage or basement. However, as their skills and supplies increase, woodworkers outgrow their corner and may need to consider getting a dedicated shed or workshop outbuilding. They’ll know it’s time for a woodworking shop when cars no longer fit in the garage, or when larger equipment and finished pieces can’t be easily carried up and down the basement steps.

Adding a woodworking shed or outbuilding is not only more convenient but also safer for the woodworker and their family. A shed means machines and tools can be stored securely away from children. And, sheds or outbuildings can be surprisingly affordable, depending on their size and type.

Regardless of the shed’s size or the woodworker’s budget, every woodshop needs these essentials: lumber and tool storage, a stationary machine area, worktables and benches, a finishing area, dust collection system, and safety equipment.

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Should I Build a Metal Carport or Garage?

Carport garage

Whether you need to protect the family car or are looking for a great place to keep your boat, motorcycle, or hotrod, you might be considering both carports and garages to fulfill your needs. Both offer advantages, so it’s important to weigh your options before making your final choice.

To make it easier, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of both carports and garages, so you can make your final decision with confidence.

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