Want a Home Gym? Learn How to Convert Your Garage Today

Woman using an elliptical in her home gym

If you’ve had enough of your local gym, or you want easier access to fitness equipment, consider adding a home gym. Don’t think you have space in your home? Your garage could make the perfect, budget-friendly spot for a garage gym!

As a homeowner, you want to make the most of the space in your home. However, what happens when you have run out of space inside your house? For many people, the garage then becomes a giant storage bin. In this blog post, learn how to remove clutter from your garage and create an efficient home gym space.

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Creating the Space

The first step in changing your garage from storage bin to home gym is to visualize what you want the space to look like and remove what is preventing that. You will also need to make sure that once you’ve removed the clutter, you have enough space for your gym equipment and the items you still need to store in your garage.

Once you’ve cleaned up your garage space and built your home gym, you may realize you have more room than you thought. Turn your garage into your dream space and check out these other ideas for what to do with your extra garage space.

Remove Trash and Organize Clutter

Removing the clutter you no longer need or want will open up your garage space. It will also allow you to spend time organizing the items you want to keep. Start by looking for general trash items—broken tools, seasonal items you won’t use next season, discarded cardboard boxes—and get those items in your trash or recycling bins.

Next, organize the items you want to keep by season, purpose, or size. You may use your garage to store a variety of things, so make sure you have an organizational plan in place. You want to store your items out of the way, but also make it so you can easily find them later.

Determine the Best Storage Options

Once you’ve sorted out your items, it’s time to get them into proper storage solutions. We recently published a blog post about how to maximize your garage space—which includes using stackable bins, overhead storage options, cabinetry, and more. Consider the items you have left to store and install the best storage option for the clutter you have left.

Measure Your Space

Now that you have created some room in your garage, it’s time to figure out the layout of your home gym. Think about the types of home gym equipment and exercises you plan to utilize in your garage gym—do any of them require more height or range of motion than your garage allows?

If so, you may need to rethink the type of home gym you want to set up or look into larger, budget-friendly metal garage options.

Figure Out What Type of Flooring You Need

Next, if you’ve determined that you have enough space in your garage for a home gym, you’re ready to start building out your gym space. Some exercises and gym equipment require a specific type of flooring. You may need level ground, the ability to install floor mats, or certain types of flooring that allow you to anchor down your gym equipment.

Insulate for Year-Round Use

No matter where you live in the United States, your garage may need some adjustments throughout the year for comfortable, year-round use. If you live somewhere with cold winters, as we do at Newmart Builders, insulating and heating your garage is key to building a successful home gym.

Make Sure You Have Enough Lighting

Having enough lighting isn’t just about seeing yourself work out—it’s about safety. If you used your garage minimally before, you might not have ever installed bright enough lighting for a home gym. Address any lighting issues before you begin your at-home workouts.

What should I put in my home gym?

Just like your local gym, you may want to consider home gym equipment that covers strength training, cardio, and weight-loss exercises. However, the gym equipment you buy should help you focus on your personal fitness goals. Consult a fitness trainer or your doctor about the type of exercises that would benefit you the most. 

When buying any home gym equipment, make sure it fits in your garage comfortably or is mobile enough that you can store it out of the way. Cardio equipment—like treadmills or rowers—and strength training equipment—like a weight machine or bench press set—can take up a substantial amount of room. Designate areas for larger equipment and plan the rest of your home gym around those more prominent pieces.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Garage Gym

When you invest in a home gym, you are investing in your health. Before you spend time and money to convert your garage into a home gym, develop an achievable fitness routine.

Sign Up for Online Training

Since you’re working out from home, you will probably lack peer motivation or on-site trainers. Check out online exercise and training courses, or sign up for accountability groups that will help keep you motivated. Don’t build a home gym and never utilize it.

Focus on the Few Machines You’ll Use the Most

Building a home gym can be expensive. Because of cost, focus on starting with the gym equipment you know you will use. After you get your routine started, you can fill in the holes in your fitness routine with new equipment.

Make the Space Appealing

Gyms may not be the prettiest spaces, but they don’t have to be depressing. Add a pop of color to your gym area and keep it organized. With a tidy and interesting gym space, you increase your chances of using your new home gym often.

Are You Looking to Add More Garage Space for Your Home Gym?

No matter where you are located in the United States, Newmart Builders can help get your home gym started with a brand new metal garage building. We can customize any of our metal garage buildings to fit your needs. Reach out to us today and get started on your new home gym.