Find a Quality Metal Carport that Meets Your Needs & Budget

When you want to protect vehicles or other property from the damaging effects of sun, snow, and changing weather conditions—with a quality product at an affordable price—look to steel carports by Newmart Builders. We supply a variety of metal carport options to meet a full range of applications and budgets.

Styles of Carports Offered by Newmart Builders

Whether you need to protect your car, truck, sport utility vehicle, motorcycle, lawn tractor, or other equipment—or you want an attractive RV carport—we’re here to help. We have a variety of metal carports and roof styles for sale in multiple sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

Bent-Bow Carports

Featuring rounded roof corners and horizontal metal panels, the bent-bow style is the most affordable of our steel carports. You can choose your siding color and customize it with front or back panels, windows, doors, and more for a custom metal carport. This steel building also makes an attractive, sturdy RV carport, too!

Bent Bow w/ 2×3 Framing

When heavy snow loads or high winds are a concern, you can count on the strength and durability of our 2×3 bent-bow steel carports. These buildings are made with 2’ x 3’ framing posts for maximum reliability in the harshest weather. Add side, back, or front panels in your choice of 14 colors.

A-Frame Carports

Traditional A-frame style metal carports add an attractive A-frame roof to your structure, complete with horizontal roof and side panels. Available in a variety of colors, our A-frame carports can be customized with front or back panels, windows, doors, and more to suit your needs. Or, create an RV carport!

A-Frame w/ 2×3 Framing

Our 2×3 A-frame steel carports combine the beauty of A-frame styling with the strength of a vertical roof. The side panels provide excellent strength for heavy snow loads, rain, and other demanding conditions. Choose your siding color, add front or back panels, windows, doors, and more.

About Our Carports

At Newmart Builders, our custom metal carports and metal buildings are made from 14-gauge galvanized American steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting for strength and durability. Our certified metal carports can meet 130 mph, three-second wind gust speeds, 30-pound snow-load requirements, and carry a 20-year limited warranty against framing rust-through (with regular care and maintenance).

Our expert installation team can deliver your new metal carport or garage in weeks and have it assembled within hours—or a few days at most. Contact us for details, to hear about additional options, to become a dealer, or to get a price.

More Available Carport Options

Are you thinking about a regular-style carport or something a bit more sophisticated? What type of roof do you want for your metal carport? And how important are corner braces? These are just some of the questions that may come up when you’re carport shopping. We want to ensure that when your carport is installed, you’re entirely satisfied—and that’s why we want to talk about all the options available to you.

Additional Doors

If one entrance isn’t enough, or if the type of entrance you need isn’t standard, let us know. We want to ensure that you’re covered—literally! Ask us about service doors and roll-up doors, which come in both 6×6 and 10×12 options.

Building Certification

When you need a building that’s a certified structure, just ask. Our metal carports can be made to meet local wind and snow loads and also have a 20-year limited warranty on rust-through damage (assuming normal user care and maintenance). We can also provide certified doors for an additional fee.

Additional Windows

Do you need or want some extra light in your enclosed metal carport? We can add windows to meet your specifications.


Newmart Builders has 14 standard color options available for you to choose from on your steel carport. From classic black and white to green or burgundy, we’ve got it for you. And don’t forget to ask about the full camo color upgrade.

* We cannot guarantee an exact color match, since colors can look different on various screens. Contact us for a physical color sample.

Optional Drip Stop

Changes in temperature and humidity levels cause dew point conditions that create condensation under your metal roof. We offer DRIPSTOP technology to help eliminate that condensation and prevent water damage to your roof and building.

DRIPSTOP is a felt membrane that soaks up moisture and holds it until it can be released back into the air. This creates a barrier between your metal roofing and the condensation that can lead to rust and structural damage.