Durable Metal Garage Kits for Sale from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas

Are you looking for a high-quality metal garage kit or workshop building without the hassles of traditional construction? Metal garage building kits, assembled by our expert crews, offer the features you need to protect your vehicles and other valuables without waiting months for traditional frame construction or spending big bucks.

So Many Uses for Metal Garage Buildings

Metal garage kits from Newmart Builders aren’t just garages—they’re remarkably versatile metal building kits that can be turned into precisely the type of building you need, including a workshop, home office, hobby studio, and more.

If you’re looking for a one- or two-car prefab metal garage with a regular roof style or a metal garage building with an A-frame roof to turn into the ultimate storage space or a dream workshop, our steel garage kits are perfect choices. Built from our metal carport line, they’re not only attractive and economical, but they can also be certified and come with a 20-year warranty against rust-through damage.

Custom Metal Garage Kits are Faster Than Stick-Built Garages

Our expert installation team will deliver your new steel garage building to your location and assemble it onsite in hours or days instead of the weeks or months it can take to build a traditional garage.

Garage Style Options Available from Newmart Builders

Bent-Bow Garages

The bent-bow steel garage is the most affordable option, known for its attractive rounded roof and corners, and horizontal siding in the color of your choice.

Bent Bow with 2×3 Framing

With superior strength for heavy snow loads and high winds, this style incorporates 2×3 framing posts for maximum stability and durability.

A-Frame Garages

With traditional styling, the A-frame garage looks more like a typical frame-construction garage featuring an A-shaped roof with horizontal panels and siding.

A-Frame with 2×3 Framing

This product combines A-frame styling with the strength of a vertical roof and side panels for excellent snow-load and weather strength.

Advantages of Owning a Metal Garage from Newmart Builders

When you purchase a metal garage kit from Newmart Builders, you’re buying superior construction that’s American-made by an American-owned and operated company.

We’re dedicated to providing a high-quality steel-structure product at a reasonable cost. We’re also proud to offer a range of customization options and local services through numerous local distribution centers outside our home base of South Hill, VA.

  • American-steel garage buildings are constructed with 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting for reliable strength and durability.
  • Metal garage kits can be endlessly customized to suit your needs and budget.
  • G-120 rated steel 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” tubing offers superior strength.
  • Optional 2’x3’ framing provides additional structural integrity, for clear width spans of up to 40’.
  • DRIPSTOP to prevent damage from condensation.
  • Our Flo-Coat process happens in three steps, providing three layers of finish protection.
  • Local distribution centers provide timely installation.

More Options for Metal Garage Buildings

Do you want to completely customize your metal garage kit? Add full gables, extra height, extra sheets, roof and corner braces, or any of the following options to meet every need?

Service Doors

Secure entry doors available with or without a window.


Add interior light without windows or using electricity.


Several durable style options to let light in and add value.

Roll-Up Doors

Overhead doors provide custom access in sizes 6×6 to 10×12.

Do you expect tough weather conditions? Our certified metal garage kits can handle 130 mph wind speeds, 30 lb. snow loads, and come with a 20-year limited warranty to cover you in the case of rust-through (which is unlikely with basic maintenance).

Color Options for Garages & Workshops

* We cannot guarantee an exact color match, since colors can look different on various screens. Contact us for a physical color sample.

Get the Camo Upgrade!

Get 20-year warrantied metal in a camo pattern. You can even choose camouflage trim, matching screws, and colored doors.

Why Add DRIPSTOP to Your Metal Roof?

Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause condensation to gather under your metal roof—which can eventually lead to rust and/or structural damage. DRIPSTOP, a felt membrane that absorbs moisture and releases it into the air, helps prevent condensation and its damaging effects.