Store & Protect Your Boat or RV with a Durable Metal RV Carport

Give yourself a variety of metal RV carport options, sized specifically to accommodate boats of all shapes and sizes as well as recreational vehicles. Whether you need to store a large boat, jet skis, fishing or camping equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, or a trailer, RV, or camper, you’ll get endurance and strength to keep them safe and dry in any season.

A Solid, Economical Storage Option for Boat & RV Shelter

Why overpay someone else to store your boat or RV when you can house it on your own property under a pre-engineered, custom metal RV cover built from 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting?

These boat and RV carport metal buildings are constructed to last and come with plenty of customization options. Our certified steel structures can withstand 130 mph wind speeds, meet 30 lb. snow-load requirements, and they come with a 20-year limited warranty that protects against framing rust-through (with normal care and maintenance).

Our expert installation team can deliver your new boat or RV storage building right to your door and complete the assembly in as little as two to three hours. Contact us for details, see gallery photos, or build your own online.

The First Step is Choosing the Perfect Style RV Cover

You value your recreational vehicles and you want to protect them from the elements, but there are so many features to choose from that deciding on the best steel RV or boat cover for your needs can feel overwhelming.

We want to make it easier, and that’s why we suggest choosing the roof style first.

Bent-Bow Storage

Our bent bow storage buildings feature rounded roof corners and horizontal metal panels. These attractive storage buildings are also our most economical, offered in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your needs. Customize your storage building with windows, doors, or roll-up garage doors for flexible storage options to accommodate all your vehicles and equipment.

Bent Bow with 2×3 Framing

Get bent-bow metal RV covers styled with the added strength and durability of 2×3 framing posts. Great for tolerating heavy snow loads, high winds, and other challenging weather conditions, these are stronger versions of the standard bent-bow steel RV carports. Add side, front, or back panels in a variety of color choices to make it your own.

A-Frame Storage

Offering a more traditional look, our A-Frame-style buildings feature horizontal roofs and side panels that come in a variety of color choices. Choose the size that works best for your needs and customize your building with windows, doors, roll-up garage doors, and more. You can also enclose you’re A-frame and customize it with doors, windows, and garage doors for more protection.

A-Frame with 2×3 Framing

Offering attractive design and superior strength against heavy snow loads and other demanding weather conditions, our 2×3 A-frame metal structures feature vertical roof style and side panels that come in a variety of color choices. 2×3 A-frames come in a variety of sizes and can be customized with windows, doors, roll-up garage doors, and more.

Color Options Available for Your Metal RV Carport

* We cannot guarantee an exact color match, since colors can look different on various screens. Contact us for a physical color sample.

Camo Upgrade is Now Available!

Enhance your metal-roof RV cover to 20-year metal with a camouflage pattern. Colored screws, camo trim, and colored doors are also available as options with this special sheeting.

Additional Options for Your RV or Boat Storage Building

Roof style and color are just some of the options you can choose when designing your metal RV cover. Others include:

  • Full Gables
  • Extra Sheets
  • Service Doors
  • Extra Height
  • Windows
  • Roll-Up Doors (6×6 or 10×12)
  • Fully Enclosed
  • Roof and Corner Braces
  • Certification
  • Skylights

Advantages You’ll Get with Newmart Builders’ Products

We know you have options when purchasing a metal RV carport or boat storage building. Here are a few of the reasons you’ll find Newmart Builders’ products to be better than the rest:

  • G-120 Rated Steel—2 ¼” x 2 ¼” Tubing with a Super (70,000) Tensile Strength
  • Flo-Coat Process—A Three-Step Process Offering Three Layers of Protection
  • Numerous Distribution Centers Offering Local Service for Timely Installations
  • 2″x3″ Framing Option for Additional Structural Integrity, Allowing Clear Spans up to 40 Feet Wide
  • DRIPSTOP to Prevent Condensation and the Damage it Can Cause
  • Quality Control with In-House Roll Forming and Trim Manufacturing for Precise Product Specs
  • Manufactured in the United States, with U.S. Steel
  • American Owned and Operated
  • Dedication to Providing a High-Quality Product for a Reasonable Cost

Why Add DRIPSTOP to Your Metal Roof?

Changes in humidity and temperature create dew-point conditions that result in condensation under metal roofs. We offer DRIPSTOP technology to help eliminate condensation and prevent water damage to your metal RV cover’s roof and structure.

DRIPSTOP is a membrane made from felt that absorbs moisture and holds it until it’s released back into the environment. Then you’ll have a barrier between the metal roof and the condensation to limit or eliminate rust that leads to structural damage.