Get it All with a Metal Carport with Storage from Newmart Builders

Have you ever priced both a carport and a shed and then wished you could find a carport/shed combo? Look no further! Our combo buildings marry the protection of our carports with convenient enclosed storage capacity for all kinds of equipment, supplies, and tools. Store your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, off-road vehicles, and more PLUS get the added storage you need.

The Quality You Can Expect From Our Carport/Shed Combos

To achieve the strength and durability you need, metal combo buildings from Newmart Builders are constructed with a 14-gauge galvanized steel frame with 29-gauge steel sheeting. When we certify your metal carport with storage, you can expect it to stand up to 30 lb. snow loads and 130 mph winds. Add to that a 20-year limited frame rust-through warranty (when standard care and maintenance are practiced), and you can expect to enjoy your carport with storage space for many years to come.

Plus, you might be surprised at how quickly your new combo unit will go up. It won’t take weeks, like traditional construction. Instead, you can be using your new carport and storage area in hours or days after we begin assembly.

Enclose a Carport Combo for Even More Possibilities

Not only can you get all the protection and storage you need, but you can also make your carport into a regular-style garage by adding side, front, and back panels that enclose the space entirely. Do this with a combo unit and get a separate, attached, enclosed space for storage. Talk about having it all!

The Options Available to You

Because our carports with storage are combinations of storage sheds, carports—and even garages if they’re enclosed—they come with all the features, benefits, and options that those metal building products do.

Service Doors

Choose walk-in doors with windows or without.

Roof & Corner Braces

Make your combo building even stronger.


Let more light into your enclosed combo building, naturally.


Style your carport shed combo while letting in lots of light.


Choose from 14 colors for your combo, including camo.

And so many more options:

  • Roll-Up Doors (6×6 to 10×12)
  • Extra Sheets
  • Full Gables
  • Extra Height
  • Full Enclosure
  • Certification


When there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity, condensation can collect under your carport’s roof. This can eventually lead to water damage and rust. When you add the felt membrane known as DRIPSTOP, it will absorb that moisture and prevent the damage condensation can cause.

Carport with Storage Color Choices

* We cannot guarantee an exact color match, since colors can look different on various screens. Contact us for a physical color sample.

Want Camouflage? We Have That

Want to upgrade with camouflage? You have that option—plus colored doors, trim, and screws to match.