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Have you been wondering how to prepare your site for a new metal building? Or how to choose the carport that will best suit your needs? Would you like some tips for organizing your outdoor storage space? You’ll find answers to all these questions and more in our metal buildings blog.

A view of a metal building with multiple vents

DripStop for Metal Roofs: How to Say Goodbye to Costly Water Damage

Are you worried about the lifespan of your metal roofing of your carport, garage, or boat storage? Concerned that your equipment or livestock will struggle in high humidity conditions? Drip edge flashing and DripStop for metal roof systems can help…
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A Combination carport and shed built into a rural home’s property

Keys to Inspire: Customize Your Carport and Shed Combo

Your most prized possessions are your house, car, and yard. You pour countless hours into the care and maintenance of these three things. With a carport and shed combo, you can save time by protecting your car from the elements,…
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An RV storage port with a green roof

Your RV Storage Shed at Home: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a proud new owner of a luxurious motorhome, one challenge always comes up—where should you store your RV? If this question is something you’re thinking about right now, an RV storage shed on your…
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A yellow metal garage with two vehicle ports.

6 Tips for How to Keep a Metal Shed Cool in the Hot Summer Months

Your shed is your perfect space, housing your outdoor lawn care tools or your favorite getaway for your crafts or hobbies. But the hottest days of the year can make being inside the shed or building uncomfortable at best and…
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open two car garage

6 Major Benefits of Adding Detached Garages to Your Property

Many homeowners find themselves facing common challenges such as limited storage space, cluttered living areas, or a lack of dedicated workspaces. The need for additional room and functionality often leads to the desire for detached garages. This efficient and separate…
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green metal barn

What is the Galvanized Steel Process and Why is it Used on My Metal Building?

The construction industry has grown tremendously, with increasing demand for durable and cost-effective building materials. One of the most popular materials used in the construction of metal buildings is the galvanized steel process. Galvanized steel offers excellent protection against corrosion,…
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man working on a roof

MADE IN USA: How Local Metal Building Distributors Simplify Your Search for the Perfect Structure

Searching for the perfect metal building can be an overwhelming task, as there are likely many companies online and local distributors offering structures built outside of America. Don’t lose heart! Your search for the perfect made-in-the-U.S.A. metal building can succeed!…
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An image of wood and metal beams used in constructing buildings.

Metal Building vs. Wood: Which Is the Best Choice?

There are several considerations when deciding the best building materials for your construction needs, whether you are building a barn, RV storage, workshop, or garage. Steel and wood are the go-to options for most, but how do they play out…
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An image of a tan metal building with brown details and a brown roof.

How Does a Builder Ensure Precise Metal Building Specifications?

Today’s the day for your metal building delivery! You took the time to work with the builder to create the building of your dreams with specific drawings design choices. You’ve prepped the delivery site, so it is perfectly level, and…
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A fully enclosed standard barn metal building on a concrete pad.

What Should You Know About Having the Best Metal Building Site Preparation?

Today’s the day! You’re excited about getting a new metal building and can’t wait to start filling it up with all your tools and outdoor equipment. But when the building arrives, you’re frustrated because the contractor says they will require…
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