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Have you been wondering how to prepare your site for a new metal building? Or how to choose the carport that will best suit your needs? Would you like some tips for organizing your outdoor storage space? You’ll find answers to all these questions and more in our metal buildings blog.

open two car garage

6 Major Benefits of Adding Detached Garages to Your Property

Many homeowners find themselves facing common challenges such as limited storage space, cluttered living areas, or a lack of dedicated workspaces. The need for additional room and functionality often leads to the desire for detached garages. This efficient and separate…
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green metal barn

What is the Galvanized Steel Process and Why is it Used on My Metal Building?

The construction industry has grown tremendously, with increasing demand for durable and cost-effective building materials. One of the most popular materials used in the construction of metal buildings is the galvanized steel process. Galvanized steel offers excellent protection against corrosion,…
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man working on a roof

MADE IN USA: How Local Metal Building Distributors Simplify Your Search for the Perfect Structure

Searching for the perfect metal building can be an overwhelming task, as there are likely many companies online and local distributors offering structures built outside of America. Don’t lose heart! Your search for the perfect made-in-the-U.S.A. metal building can succeed!…
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An image of wood and metal beams used in constructing buildings.

Metal Building vs. Wood: Which Is the Best Choice?

There are several considerations when deciding the best building materials for your construction needs, whether you are building a barn, RV storage, workshop, or garage. Steel and wood are the go-to options for most, but how do they play out…
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An image of a tan metal building with brown details and a brown roof.

How Does a Builder Ensure Precise Metal Building Specifications?

Today’s the day for your metal building delivery! You took the time to work with the builder to create the building of your dreams with specific drawings design choices. You’ve prepped the delivery site, so it is perfectly level, and…
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A fully enclosed standard barn metal building on a concrete pad.

What Should You Know About Having the Best Metal Building Site Preparation?

Today’s the day! You’re excited about getting a new metal building and can’t wait to start filling it up with all your tools and outdoor equipment. But when the building arrives, you’re frustrated because the contractor says they will require…
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An image of a metal garage with an attached storage building.

Want to Organize Your Storage Space Well? How to Maximize the Room You’ve Got

Those long, hot summer days have kept you busy trying to fill every moment of sunlight with something fun to do outside. Whether throwing frisbees in the yard or tending to your favorite garden, the urge to be outdoors is…
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A yellow folder with the words ‘Maintenance Plan’ written on it, held by a man wearing work gloves and a wrench.

The Maintenance Plan You Need for Your Metal Building

If you’re a new homeowner and have an outside metal building on your property, you might be surprised that several steps are required to keep it looking its best. Or perhaps, you’ve always had a metal building on your land…
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boat storage

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Boat Storage

Boat owners love their boats in the same way that car lovers adore their cars. They are special vehicles that bring you and your family lots of joy, so you need to care for them. As the summer and warm…
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An A-frame, two-tone metal garage is perfect for a custom workshop

7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Metal Garage Workshop

If you are tired of having to move the car or kid’s toys out of the way just so you can work on your wood or engine project, then it’s time to consider purchasing one of Newmart Builders’ metal garages.…
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