Keys to Inspire: Customize Your Carport and Shed Combo

A Combination carport and shed built into a rural home’s property

Your most prized possessions are your house, car, and yard. You pour countless hours into the care and maintenance of these three things. With a carport and shed combo, you can save time by protecting your car from the elements, organizing and protecting your yard tools, and stopping you from tracking mud and dirt through the garage doors into your home.

A well-customized carport-shed-combo unit will give your home a refreshed appearance, give you incredibly useful space, and give your valuables the protection they deserve. Don’t settle for a basic carport/shed combo that won’t give you the benefits you deserve. Call us today, and we’ll start the conversation about how our inventory of custom designs can improve your home.

Why Should You Customize Your Carport-Shed Combo?

A carport/shed combination can benefit from customization in multiple ways:

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Fit Your Car and Tools

Too small of a carport storage building can lead to dinged doors or difficult parking, while an oversized combo unit that is too big can be a waste of space. Match your needs with a custom-designed amount of space and storage.

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Match Your Home

Typical garages and carports with storage can be too industrial or bare-bones for a home, making them both look less cared for. Show you’ve put care and effort into your home and car’s designs by creating a carport-shed combo that enhances your space.

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Suit Your Hobbies

If you need a space for your woodshop, you’ll need proper ventilation and space for tools. If you paint or sculpt, you will want natural lighting and walls that suit displaying your work. Hobby spaces can be created with just a little bit of customized care.

We want to help you find the combination of shed and carport designs that will suit your needs and help your daily life be much more comfortable. No more brushing off snow and leaves or struggling to find a place to fit your yard tools. We have a wide array of custom designs to choose from. Call today and learn more about what we have to offer!

How Can We Help Customize Your Carport and Shed Combo?

We at Newmart Builders are happy to help you build the shed and carport combo of your dreams, and we have a wide array of options for your custom design. You know your vehicle and home needs, and any home-improvement project should exceed your desires. We can help you build your dream carport with these options:

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Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all carport. Give your vehicle a comfortable home to rest in during winter! Store all of your personal belongings with additional room to grow!

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Roof Styles

Outdoor structures add to your home’s beauty. Match and accentuate your home with matching roof styles. Regular roof choices include A-frame and vertical panel roofing.

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Metal Color

We can provide a wide array of visually pleasing finishes to your metal carport, allowing you to match your home’s aesthetics. Pick something that makes you happy and your home stylish.

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Shed doors come in a wide array of styles, and roof styles can be as flashy or practical as you like. Whether securing your workshop or just giving a unique appearance, pick a door that you want to walk through.

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Natural lighting can give you more comfort and better production for workshops, artist dens, and hobby shops of all kinds. Windows are a great option for combo units that will serve multiple needs.

Your home didn’t always fit your needs exactly as it does now. You have to do lots of hard work to make your home fit you—and sometimes you’ve had to change to fit your home. Imagine if you saved yourself that work from the start. That’s the kind of convenience that comes with a customized carport and shed combo.

How Can You Customize Your Carport-Shed Combo Once It’s Built?

Once your carport and shed are in place, you can continue to grow into your new space. Your ownership started with the custom design, and now you can put your own hands on your property. Your individual needs and wants will enter in new and particular ways, and you’ll get to put your regular style and personal touch as you work with your new structure.

A combination carport and shed built with navy metal panels and a white-trimmed window.
  • Improve Lighting – Installing lights is a fairly simple way to give your combo carport a more comfortable, welcoming appearance. Brighten up your utility carport with the lights you want.
  • Install Shelving – Organization and storage are the biggest benefits of building a shed and can provide your carport with additional utility. Keep all of your tools and equipment together in an easy-to-navigate space.
  • Decorate with Paint – If you are looking for a unique design or out-of-the-ordinary color or just want to change it up, metal-friendly paints can help you add personality and flair to your carports with storage.
  • Install Ventilation Fans – Woodwork and paint can be harmful to your lungs, while stuffy storage spaces can become like ovens during summer. Stay safe and comfortable with a well-ventilated storage space that allows you to breathe.

These are just a few of the most common ways that personalization can be done to your carport shed combo kit attached. You might be inspired to do your own DIY improvements, additions, or work – enjoy the structure and make the most of it!

Design Your Own Carport and Shed Combo with Newmart Builders, Inc.

If you’re struggling with the winter weather, a carport can save you from icy walkways and from clearing snow off your car. A well-designed shed can help you keep your yard tools and hobby equipment well-stored. Customizing a carport and shed combo will give you the best mix of aesthetic looks and storage options for any needs you might have.

Let us help you put in a new combo carport with a storage shed, and you will enjoy the benefits of a perfect fit. We have been in the shed-building industry for nearly a quarter of a century and are happy to continue providing you with our experience and knowledge. See some of our work and picture how we can give you the best home possible.