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Metal Building vs. Wood: Which Is the Best Choice?

An image of wood and metal beams used in constructing buildings.

There are several considerations when deciding the best building materials for your construction needs, whether you are building a barn, RV storage, workshop, or garage. Steel and wood are the go-to options for most, but how do they play out against each other?

Both metal and wood have their fair share of ups and downsides, making them suitable for various projects. While wood can be more aesthetically appealing to many, steel is cheaper, more durable, resistant to the elements, and easier to maintain. Therefore, the ultimate decision relies on your personal preferences and your project’s specific needs.

We have compiled a list of metal building vs. wood features to help you choose a favorite, but if you are still undecided, we at Newmart Builders have you covered.

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How Does a Builder Ensure Precise Metal Building Specifications?

An image of a tan metal building with brown details and a brown roof.

Today’s the day for your metal building delivery! You took the time to work with the builder to create the building of your dreams with specific drawings design choices. You’ve prepped the delivery site, so it is perfectly level, and there’s a sturdy concrete slab just the right size waiting for the building. But while you’re waiting for the structure to arrive, you can’t help but think, “I hope the slab is the right size, and the builder got the specifications correct, too!”

You can ensure precise metal building specifications that match up with your dream building when you work with experts who have been crafting metal buildings for over 20 years. Your chosen builder must know metal building systems, designs, and specifications. At Newmart Builders, we take high-quality standards seriously, guaranteeing a seamless delivery of your new metal building. Our expertise and commitment to excellence mean you get the metal building you want that follows seven key design elements.

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What Should You Know About Having the Best Metal Building Site Preparation?

A fully enclosed standard barn metal building on a concrete pad.

Today’s the day! You’re excited about getting a new metal building and can’t wait to start filling it up with all your tools and outdoor equipment. But when the building arrives, you’re frustrated because the contractor says they will require extra payment to level the ground where you want the building. In all your excitement, you forget that metal building site preparation is crucial for seamless delivery.

Land preparation is imperative before any project. The structural integrity of the building depends on it! Not only is having a poorly prepared delivery site an annoyance for you and your contractor, but it can also cause other issues. While having a new metal building from Newmart Builders is something to get excited about, it’s also important to have the ground level and ready for your new structure.

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The Maintenance Plan You Need for Your Metal Building

A yellow folder with the words ‘Maintenance Plan’ written on it, held by a man wearing work gloves and a wrench.

If you’re a new homeowner and have an outside metal building on your property, you might be surprised that several steps are required to keep it looking its best. Or perhaps, you’ve always had a metal building on your land but weren’t aware that it needed preventative care. Metal building maintenance doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy, but the extra effort you put into its maintenance ensures it lasts for years.

Metal buildings can add storage and convenience to any property and are more affordable than you think. In today’s blog, we’re going to share the steps necessary to care for a metal building, so you’ll be able to protect your investment for years to come.

Newmart Builders has been your source for high-quality steel structures for over 22 years. Performing preventive maintenance on your metal building is easy and if you have any questions about the process, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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What You Should Know When Comparing Metal vs. Wooden Sheds

A-Frame metal shed building with large combo area from Newmart Builders

Sheds—whether metal buildings or constructed from wood—can provide ideal storage space for any home or property. These backyard structures are incredibly versatile—they can be used as storage for garden equipment, as a workspace, or even as a personal retreat. Regardless of any shed’s purpose, homeowners first have to select which type of shed and construction material is best for their needs.

The primary material consideration is typically a metal shed vs. wooden shed, though you may also find plastic sheds for sale at the big box home improvement stores. All of these types of material can provide durable, spacious storage, but they differ in their required maintenance, vulnerability to pests and weather, possible customization, and costs.

Today’s post takes a look at wood-constructed sheds compared to the durable steel buildings we sell here at Newmart Builders, highlighting why our buildings are almost always the best choice.

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DripStop: Preventing Condensation in Your Metal Building

example of condensation droplets

Metal buildings are well known for their durability, strength, and weather-resistance, making them a superior choice over many traditionally-constructed buildings. In fact, metal buildings can even save you money on insurance. However, metal buildings are also prone to issues with condensation not typically seen in conventional buildings.

While condensation can damage metal buildings over time, preventing condensation and the water damage that results isn’t difficult. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new metal building or already own one, here’s what you need to know to protect your building.

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What You Need to Know About Buying a Metal Building Instead of a Pole Barn

A green metal building with garage doors and windows from Newmart Builders

Since there are many outdoor storage options on the market today, knowing which one to select for your property may seem a little daunting. When you need outdoor storage solutions at home, or to add a new building to your commercial property, you need durability and design flexibility. A metal building from Newmart Builders gives you the flexibility of customization along with the guarantee of durability.

Today’s blog post discusses the differences between a metal building and a pole barn—highlighting many of the positive selling points of investing in steel buildings.

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Six Most Essential Elements of Any Woodworking Space


Most woodworkers start out with a collection of tools and a bench in the corner of their garage or basement. However, as their skills and supplies increase, woodworkers outgrow their corner and may need to consider getting a dedicated shed or workshop outbuilding. They’ll know it’s time for a woodworking shop when cars no longer fit in the garage, or when larger equipment and finished pieces can’t be easily carried up and down the basement steps.

Adding a woodworking shed or outbuilding is not only more convenient but also safer for the woodworker and their family. A shed means machines and tools can be stored securely away from children. And, sheds or outbuildings can be surprisingly affordable, depending on their size and type.

Regardless of the shed’s size or the woodworker’s budget, every woodshop needs these essentials: lumber and tool storage, a stationary machine area, worktables and benches, a finishing area, dust collection system, and safety equipment.

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What Everyone Needs to Know Before Buying Metal Outbuildings

Metal building

If getting out the lawnmower first requires pulling the car out of the garage, or if only one car can fit in your two-car garage because lawn equipment takes up too much space, it might be time to get a shed. Sheds, or outbuildings, can be the ideal outdoor storage solution. Before getting one, however, there are some important things to consider, including durability, size, zoning restrictions, foundation, style, and landscape placement.

Today’s post offers a closer look at what you need to think about within these planning considerations in order to choose the best structure for your unique property. We’ll also show you why steel buildings, like our pre-priced metal garages, are an excellent solution.

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Man Caves Have Evolved – It’s Time to Build Yours

The Man Cave

Men have evolved and their “caves” have, too.  The modern man cave is no longer a corner of the family garage where Dad and his friends drink beer while working on a car. No, today’s man cave is a well-appointed space where a guy can watch sports, entertain friends, and pursue his hobbies. The modern man cave is large enough to accommodate comfortable furniture, a bar, and all the equipment a man’s hobbies require.

It has never been easier or more affordable to add a man cave, or workshop structure, to a property. Clearing the garage and moving cars out into the elements is old school. With a stand-alone structure, the family cars can stay in the garage and modern men can use 100% of the new space as their own personal escape, party place, sports lounge, or creative workshop.

The simplest solution is a steel structure like those we build here at Newmart Builders. These come in a variety of prefabricated designs or kits to build yourself or with the help of a local contractor.

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