What Should You Know About Having the Best Metal Building Site Preparation?

A fully enclosed standard barn metal building on a concrete pad.

Today’s the day! You’re excited about getting a new metal building and can’t wait to start filling it up with all your tools and outdoor equipment. But when the building arrives, you’re frustrated because the contractor says they will require extra payment to level the ground where you want the building. In all your excitement, you forget that metal building site preparation is crucial for seamless delivery.

Land preparation is imperative before any project. The structural integrity of the building depends on it! Not only is having a poorly prepared delivery site an annoyance for you and your contractor, but it can also cause other issues. While having a new metal building from Newmart Builders is something to get excited about, it’s also important to have the ground level and ready for your new structure.

What If I Don’t Do Metal Building Site Preparation?

A metal building on your property can be a major advantage, but not if you put it on uneven ground. Without a level foundation bed, structures will become unstable and unsafe. It’s normal for the site to be one to two inches out-of-level, but anything more than that will require additional measures, such as cutting the legs of the building for an additional fee.

Can’t You Just Cut the Legs of the Building to Make It More Level?

While cutting the legs of the metal building might be a solution for a metal carport, it may not be the best solution.  For example, cutting the beams that make up the legs will change the proportions of the building, change the height, and can alter the building access. Altering the building will make it less useful for what you need. Additionally, cutting the legs to make the structure level incurs a minimum fee of $100. Feel free to contact us to determine whether your legs need to be cut and potential pitfalls of doing so.

How Do I Prepare the Land for Metal Building Delivery?

A well-planned and executed groundwork is crucial for preparing your new metal building. Before your metal building is delivered, you’ll need to prepare the pad where it will sit. The two most popular options for pad preparation for a metal building are a concrete slab or a gravel bed.

Check for utilities

Your local utility companies should be able to tell you if it’s safe to dig up a specific part of your lawn. You wouldn’t want to start loosening the soil to dig only to find power lines, gas lines, or pipes directly under the area you’re starting on your metal building site preparation. Since you’ll have anchors driven into the ground to secure your metal building properly, we can’t anchor safely in areas with utilities, nor will it pass inspection. Also, if you have a septic system, be aware of where your tank is buried. The weight of the metal building and whatever you store in it can damage your septic system.

Check Your Local Building Codes

Depending on where you live, you may have certain rules that pertain to the site selection of your new steel building. There may be local building permits or codes by which you must abide. If you live in a community governed by a homeowner’s association, they may also have restrictions on the placement of your new building. Some even require a site inspection after the foundation is laid. Therefore, check all necessary laws and regulations to ensure you have selected a place that will meet local guidelines.

Site Selection

Once you know where you can (and can’t) prepare a foundation for your metal building, you need to be sure the site is adequate for the structure. Think about water drainage, how the weather will affect the structure, and if there is enough room for a delivery truck and trailer to access your site.


Before setting a foundation, it’s important to check the soil conditions. Poor soil and site drainage will affect your metal structure’s overall longevity and stability. Next, you’ll either pour your concrete foundation or gravel. Check your building plans for specifications. If you’re pouring concrete, you’ll also need to dig four perimeter footings that are 12-inches wide and 12-inches deep.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional for Land Preparation?

Depending on your yard, pad preparation for metal building delivery might be a task you can do yourself. But, if you want it done perfectly, especially if you plan to create a concrete foundation, consider working with a professional. You can provide them with the specifications of your building, and they will be able to make a foundation for the building that is a suitable size and completely level. 

Are You Ready to Start Metal Building Site Preparation?

A successful foundation relies on adequate site prep and homework to learn about federal, state, and local zoning ordinances. Before starting your metal building site preparation, be sure to have your customized structure ordered from Newmart Builders! You’ll want to know your structure’s exact dimensions and building plans to know how large of a foundation you need.

It’s always a wise idea to connect with a professional to prepare your site, especially if you are unfamiliar with heavy equipment and how to properly level ground to support a metal building. When you’re ready, begin building a structure customized to your needs!