Want to Organize Your Storage Space Well? How to Maximize the Room You’ve Got

An image of a metal garage with an attached storage building.

Those long, hot summer days have kept you busy trying to fill every moment of sunlight with something fun to do outside. Whether throwing frisbees in the yard or tending to your favorite garden, the urge to be outdoors is strong when the temperatures climb, and the breeze sweeps in to provide a few moments of sweet relief. But what happens when all those extra summer activities you’ve picked up become candidates to clutter up your previously well-organized outdoor storage space?

It doesn’t take long for a space to become disorganized, especially when that space is a small metal storage building in your yard. Everyone deserves a shed that looks beautiful inside and out, and keeping your shed well-organized can help maintain that aesthetic.

At Newmart Builders, we craft sturdy, visually appealing metal structures to help make your life easier. Our facilities can function as garages for recreational vehicles or as a simple storage shed for the things you don’t need year-round in your home. But we know it’s easy to take advantage of that convenience and indulge in just tossing a few things into the shed for safekeeping, only to eventually find your storage structure packed full of chaos. So how do you best organize your outdoor building, so it never gets to that point?

1. Keep it Accessible

The first step in making the most of your storage shed is deciding how to use the structure. If you have a new space, this is an exhilarating prospect, and you can ensure your area never becomes too chaotic from the start. However, if you have a shed that’s already full of stuff and you’re reorganizing, this can be the time to take a hard look at what you’re using the shed for and reevaluate. Be realistic about what you will use the space for and determine what’s important to keep.

Every storage space eventually accumulates some clutter, but keeping the area mostly accessible is crucial to organizing it well. For example, if you have wall hooks, you wouldn’t want to store clothing bins in front of that wall space.

Ensure you have leftover space to walk around freely after everything is put away and reach all parts of the shed. You want to keep the ground free of tools or projects, so you have the space to pull things out and look for what you need in the area quickly.

2. Divide the Space by Theme

Maybe you’re using your outdoor storage room for recreational vehicles like ATVs and tools to work on them, or perhaps you’re keeping holiday decorations and seasonal clothing tucked away in your combination metal garage. Whatever you’re storing, keep the space organized by common factors.

Dividing up the space can help you not only reorganize the outdoor storage room but also optimize how you keep it organized later. Sorting your stuff into piles based on their similarities or uses and maintaining the storage shed separated into zones will make it easier to remember where your things are when you need to look for them later!

3. Look Up!

Most people don’t consider the ceiling an option for storage, but this space can be beneficial for putting things like hoses or extension cords. When you use your combination metal garage as a place for vehicle storage and a tool shed, utilizing the ceiling can be helpful, especially if you have limited wall space because of peg boards holding your tools. You may also want to modify your ceiling to keep other things, like shelving for a convenient hiding spot for gifts or storage for lumber.

4. Donate to Charity and Rent a Dumpster

Sometimes, a storage shed becomes the place to put things you aren’t sure you’ll ever use again. Some of these things, like tubs of clothing, can be donated to charity stores that resell used items, but others may need to go to the trash if they aren’t good anymore.

When this happens, it might be time to rent a dumpster. Renting a dumpster can allow you to clean out your storage shed and home simultaneously, freeing up space and paring down what things you want to keep as you declutter.

5. Add Shelving or Cabinets

Just like renovating a home to add more cabinet space, when you are taking the time to reorganize your outdoor storage space, you should consider adding freestanding shelving or cabinets to the area as storage options. These features can add more levels to your storage, making it easier to separate the space into more sections for things you plan to store if you desire.

Plus, storage shelving and cabinets can make the whole space more accessible. Stacking things on top of one another can create a safety issue if they get too high and fall over. Having shelving can make storage options that give you easier access to the things you’re trying to reach and keep you safer.

Want a Metal Structure You Will Love to Keep Organized?

Adding a metal storage shed to your yard can add so many more organizational possibilities for a home that might otherwise be full of stuff you can’t figure out where to keep! Whether you need a garage or a storage shed, we can make it for you to your specifications. Get in touch with us today to learn more about adding an outdoor storage space to your home!