What You Need to Know About Buying a Metal Building Instead of a Pole Barn

Since there are many outdoor storage options on the market today, knowing which one to select for your property may seem a little daunting. When you need outdoor storage solutions at home, or to add a new building to your commercial property, you need durability and design flexibility. A metal building from Newmart Builders gives you the flexibility of customization along with the guarantee of durability.

Today’s blog post discusses the differences between a metal building and a pole barn—highlighting many of the positive selling points of investing in steel buildings.

Higher Durability

The most significant difference between a wood pole barn and a metal building is the construction materials and level of durability. Pole barns use wood poles and other framing materials, while metal buildings use materials like steel. Even though the shell of a pole barn is often metal sheeting, the wooden structural elements are less durable and present a costly problem for the future—rot.

Whether you are looking to store your RV or want an outside storage building to use as a workshop, invest in a metal building from Newmart Builders. Our steel barn metal buildings are endlessly configurable and constructed with durable 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting.

Difference in Foundation

Besides construction materials, the type of foundation marks another significant difference between a wood pole barn and a metal building. Pole barns generally have dirt flooring, meaning the poles anchor into the ground instead of into a concrete base. The wooden poles of a pole barn may start to rot in the ground and shift over time.

A metal building, like the steel buildings we construct here at Newmart Builders, can have a concrete foundation or attach directly into the ground. Even if anchored into the ground to house horses or other farm animals, the strong materials used in our metal barns will not rot or shift as a wooden pole barn will.

Weather Resistance

Metal buildings and wood pole barns both help protect your RV, boat, or lawn equipment from the elements. However, the difference in construction materials and foundation makes the pole barn more susceptible to the elements than a metal building. Since wood may rot and a dirt floor may flood or erode over time, steeling buildings with concrete foundations have a stronger resistance to any damaging weather.

Plus, our metal buildings have added protection against the elements. We use a Flo-Coat process that adds three layers of protection for our steel buildings. Additionally, we include a 20-year limited warranty against framing rust-through.

Less Maintenance with a Metal Building

Pole barns require more maintenance, especially on their wooden structural materials. Wooden materials, such as barn poles, are a termite’s dream home. As well, the wood may rot over time in the ground causing the pole barn to shift or lean.

Our metal buildings use American-made steel, which we believe is a higher quality product. This steel product will last longer and require less maintenance.

Better Utilized Space

Since metal buildings are customizable, you have endless possibilities to configure the space. Invest in your property by adding a steel building that will allow you to utilize your outdoor structure better. Do you need a garage for your car, boat, or RV? We’ve got you covered. Do you need a bigger building for a workshop or multi-use space? We can build that, too.

Whether you need sectioned areas, rollup doors, walk-in doors, or windows, we can customize your metal building for better utilization.

Higher Value

Customizable metal buildings are generally less expensive to build than a wooden pole barn, but that doesn’t mean they are of lesser value. A stronger foundation, higher quality materials, and less required maintenance over the life of the metal building will save you money on all fronts.

Adding a metal building to your property may also save you money on insurance. Did you know that insurance companies look more favorably on steel buildings? This is because, unlike wooden structures, metal buildings are noncombustible. Also, steel buildings present less risk to insurance companies from weather elements like high winds and other damaging forces.

Invest in a Metal Building That Meets Your Needs

At Newmart Builders, we are confident that you will be satisfied if you choose to invest in a metal building for your property. Our steel barn metal buildings are endlessly configurable, meaning you can build the structure to match your needs.

Even better, if you want to build your own outdoor storage, we offer you the ability to build your metal structure. Whether you are looking for professional metal building installation or a kit to make one yourself, we at Newmart Builders are here to help. Contact us today!