7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Metal Garage Workshop

An A-frame, two-tone metal garage is perfect for a custom workshop

If you are tired of having to move the car or kid’s toys out of the way just so you can work on your wood or engine project, then it’s time to consider purchasing one of Newmart Builders’ metal garages. Just imagine having your own dedicated workshop building that you can completely customize and use as you need. If this thought brings you excitement, here are a few things you should know before you start building your own metal building.

1. Choose Between Wood or Steel Structures

In addition to answering these five questions before starting, one of the first big decisions you need to make is building a wood or steel building. Here at Newmart Builders, we make all our structures with American steel—and for a good reason! We believe it is better quality material.

Wood is susceptible to rot and can easily be damaged in storms. It also requires regular maintenance and is overall a more expensive option. Steel garages, on the other hand, are affordable and completely customizable. Our high-grade steel provides durable protection that is virtually maintenance-free.

2. Determine the Size and Suitable Location

Now that you know that steel is a better option to build metal garages, you also need to know how big of a space you’ll need. Consider how many items you need inside your workshop to complete your projects. You’ll need space for things like a workbench or two, storage for your tools, nails and screws, large pieces of machinery like bandsaws, and any other supplies you may need.

If you are working with lumber, you may want to consider oversized garage doors to bring in large plywood sheets. Ensure you choose window options for proper ventilation, especially if you plan on welding or using flammable solvents.

You also need to choose the right location for your custom metal garage on your property. You’ll want to select a lot that is level or have it leveled before your new metal barn or workshop is delivered. There also needs to be a three-foot clear space around the lot for installation.

3. Prepare the Foundation

Once you decide where to place your new metal barn or workshop and how big you need it, you’ll want to prepare the foundation. After the lot is leveled, consider adding concrete. Our steel framing can directly attach to the ground or concrete, but concrete will have a stronger resistance to weather. It also won’t rot or shift like a wood foundation.

4. Pick Your Customization Options

What options do you picture when you imagine your perfect workshop, garage, hobby studio, storage building, or garden shed? Our bent bow garages are affordable with rounded roof corners and horizontal siding—or add in 2×3 framing for superior strength for heavy snow loads and high winds.

Maybe an A-frame roof garage is more your style, which can also be built with 2×3 framing.

Besides the frame of the building, you’ll need to know what optional features you want or need. For example, do you want side-entry service doors and windows? How about extra height or roll-up doors? Consider adding DripStop to help eliminate condensation and prevent water damage, too.

With all these optional features plus color choices, vertical roof styles, and more, building your perfect workshop with Newmart Builders has never been easier.

5. Consider Electrical Needs

While you don’t necessarily need to add electric power to your workshop, it may be a good idea. After all, you’ll have equipment that needs to charge, like power tools. You may also want extra lighting over your workbench, in addition to the windows and skylights you can choose for your building. Work with an electrician with the proper certification and experience to safely and adequately add multiple circuits, a sub-panel, proper grounding, and a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

6. Decide on Heating and Cooling Options

If you’re adding electrical service to your metal building, you may also want to consider your heating and cooling options. If you live in a climate where winters are bitterly cold, a heater in your workshop can make the space more comfortable to do your work. If the summers are scorching, an air conditioner can help cool it down, especially if your power equipment generates heat.

Plan for adequate airflow and ventilation and use a dehumidifier to decrease moisture and prevent corrosion in your steel building.

7. Consult Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Adding a steel building to your property will need to be insured by your homeowner’s insurance, but it’s not as costly as you may imagine. Steel is less expensive to insure than a wood building because there is less risk of fire or wind damage.

Your workshop should have at least two exits in case of a fire. Adding a sprinkler system in case of a fire can also decrease your insurance costs. Consult with your insurance company for details.

Build Your Own Metal Garage with Newmart Builders!

Knowledge is power and knowing your options when building a custom workshop for your home or farm allows you to make an informed decision. And here at Newmart Builders, we’ve got you covered with a full range of customization choices and designs. We also have pre-priced metal garages for sale. End your frustration of having to move something out of your way just to cut a piece of wood on your band saw. Instead, build your own custom workshop dedicated to your craft with Newmart Builders.