5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Boat Storage

boat storage

Boat owners love their boats in the same way that car lovers adore their cars. They are special vehicles that bring you and your family lots of joy, so you need to care for them. As the summer and warm sunny days come to a close, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to store your boat for the cooler months.

Keeping your boat safe and in shape for next year is your priority, so choosing the proper boat storage is crucial. Location is everything, and using metal garages in VA and the surrounding areas can help protect your boat from the elements all year. Before buying storage, however, you should know a few things.

1. What Are The Different Types of Boat Storage?

There are two types of boat storage. Indoor storage includes stashing your boat in a garage or a high and dry-stacked storage option. When you want outdoor storage, you can find it at a marina in the water, near your house, or in a boatyard.

Dry storage is any type of storage where the boat is out of the water, and wet storage, as implied, is when the ship is in the water for an extended period without use. Wet storage is not ideal for areas where the water freezes, so metal garages for your boats in VA, MD, and NC are the right choice.

Wood or metal are the two main types of indoor storage structures. For boats or other general outdoor equipment, choosing the proper storage solution can significantly impact the lifespan of your recreational vehicles and equipment.

Wood storage can rot, damage quickly in storms or harsh weather, warp because of being exposed to water, and often requires expensive maintenance over its lifetime. Our metal storage garages are constructed out of American steel because it is a better material and more suitable for all types of storage without the hassle of worrying about warping or weather damage.

2. What Customizations Can You Make to Your Metal Garage?

Newmart Builders will help you build a custom metal building for your boats’ specifications and keep it dry throughout all the seasons. Customization options are a great way to make your metal garage more personal. We offer a variety of colors to match your home’s look, as well as other options for you to choose from to make your storage solution the right home for your boat.

We have frame options, including bent bow and A-frame roof. We can help you customize the doors and windows in your storage as well. Did you know we offer Drip Stop for your metal garage? This felt membrane technology helps minimize condensation and rust in your building.

All our options make it easy to build the metal boat garage of your dreams. Talk to us today about building your own metal garage in VA and beyond.

3. Think About Your Boat’s Size and Prepare Your Land for Boat Storage

You have decided that a metal garage is suitable for your home, so now you must choose where you’re going to put it.  You will likely need to keep everything from accessories and equipment to the boat and hitch in the same place.

Many boat owners think about their craft in terms of length and width, but few stop to consider the boat’s height. Boats can be quite tall, so it is essential to keep that in mind when dreaming up your storage space.

You’ll also need to be able to maneuver your boat into its new garage building, so you want plenty of room for that. Consider that you’ll need about three feet of clear space to install your metal garage, and then decide where you want to put your boat storage.

We recommend you put in a concrete foundation on level ground to prepare for delivery and installation of your metal structure. Our garages can screw right onto the concrete foundation for easy installation. Using a wood foundation would have the same consequences as using a wood structure—rot, warping, and shifting over time. Concrete doesn’t have those hang-ups.

4. The Benefits of Storing Your Boat At Home

When you store your boat at home, you have access to it year-round. This access is excellent if you are a tinkerer and like to work on your boat in your free time. Having it nearby means you can keep an eye on it. Storing it at a marina or boatyard leaves the ship open to potential thefts or vandalism.

Storing your boat at home does have one slight disadvantage if you like to use your boat frequently. You will have to load it up and unload it at the dock whenever you want to use it. While if you store it at a marina, you don’t have that hassle. This one disadvantage doesn’t outweigh all the advantages of having your boat right at home.

5. Get Insurance for Your Metal Garage

If you decide to add a metal garage in VA, you will need to add insurance. Adding any structure to your land will cause a bit of an increase in homeowners insurance, but steel structures are less expensive to insure than wood structures. These structures cost less to insure because they are less susceptible to damage from the elements, including water and fire.

Plus, they are easily customizable to meet the specifications of your needs. Something as simple as a sprinkler system installation may even lower the cost to insure a metal garage. Consult your homeowner’s insurance to determine what you need to do to get your new boat storage insured cost-effectively.

Build Your Boat Storage with Newmart Builders

Newmart Builders wants to help you build your ideal metal garage in VA for your boat! Our metal storage is made with 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting that will protect your recreational vehicles from winds up to 130 mph and snow up to 30 lbs. We also offer a 20-year warranty against framing rust through. This warranty applies only if the building has been cared for and regularly maintained.

Contact us today to build your own dream boat garage!