Man Caves Have Evolved – It’s Time to Build Yours

The Man Cave

Men have evolved and their “caves” have, too.  The modern man cave is no longer a corner of the family garage where Dad and his friends drink beer while working on a car. No, today’s man cave is a well-appointed space where a guy can watch sports, entertain friends, and pursue his hobbies. The modern man cave is large enough to accommodate comfortable furniture, a bar, and all the equipment a man’s hobbies require.

It has never been easier or more affordable to add a man cave, or workshop structure, to a property. Clearing the garage and moving cars out into the elements is old school. With a stand-alone structure, the family cars can stay in the garage and modern men can use 100% of the new space as their own personal escape, party place, sports lounge, or creative workshop.

The simplest solution is a steel structure like those we build here at Newmart Builders. These come in a variety of prefabricated designs or kits to build yourself or with the help of a local contractor.

Coming up with a Cave Theme

There are so many ways to use a man cave that selecting one theme for the new space might be the hardest decision to make.  For example, if it is going to be a place to watch sports, then sports can be the theme.

If it is to be a place for partying, then a bar theme might work. Actually, regardless of the theme, a bar with a counter, stools, and sink are quite popular in most man caves.

Man caves are ideal for hobbies that generate noise or mess, like playing a loud instrument, metal sculpting, woodworking, pottery, or painting. These are great uses and themes for the space.

If the space has a dual purpose, installing retractable room dividers would protect the TV and lounge area, for example, from the workshop area.


No matter the purpose of a new, American steel structure, adding electrical wiring, insulation and even drywall is easy and will make the structure an ideal getaway for year-round use

Modern men love their electronics – it seems the more screens and devices, the better. This is important to consider when deciding how many electrical outlets or lighting junction boxes to include.  Most man caves have a TV, refrigerator, and a host of other equipment all requiring electricity. With this in mind, the perfect man cave will have more outlets and junction boxes enabling the cave to remain versatile.

If this metal structure is also going be a party place, then adding plumbing so the man cave bar can have a sink might be a practical addition.

Family Benefits

As families grow, too often it becomes harder to find space for memorabilia or hobby supplies and collections. Let’s face it not everyone might appreciate the framed hockey jersey, mounted deer head, or large drum set taking up space in the living room.

Also, as kids enter the picture, a well-stocked bar and some hobby equipment can be unsafe for them to be around. Moving these items out of the house and into a man cave can keep the little ones safe. It also frees up space in the house for the things they love to see and do.

Too often, men will drop their hobbies and creative interests when they become dads because they lack the safe space in which to pursue that hobby. Practicing drums while the baby needs to nap, for example, isn’t practical. However, with a stand-alone steel man cave, dad can keep up his chops without interrupting the family’s need for quiet.  Or, dad and his friends can enjoy a few drinks at the man cave bar well past kids’ bedtimes.

Security Measures

Modern man caves tend to house expensive items, like flat screen TVs, computers, comfortable recliners, machinery, and valuable collectibles. Keeping these items safe from fire and theft is essential.

Steel structures are by nature more fire resistant than wooden structures. If the structure is to be insulated or dry walled, there are a variety of fire resistant types of both that can be used. Using the right kinds of insulation and drywall can keep a steel man cave safer from fire than wooden structures or even the house garage.

Protecting items from theft requires more than just locks on doors and windows. Adding motion lights to all sides of the building is another effective and affordable solution. If the home already has an alarm system, it might be quite simple for the security company to install sensors on the man cave’s entrances and windows as well.

No matter what the purpose or use of the man cave, installing one adds a new dimension to home life. It enables modern men to “get away” and relax without leaving home.

Ready to Build Your Man Cave? Newmart Builders Has Got You Covered

Our steel pole barns feature strong and durable construction that is unmatched by traditional wooden structures. And, we can help you configure a new steel structure to your exact specifications with a wide variety of options for customization (including our unique Camo Upgrade). If you’re ready to build the man cave of your dreams on your property, get in touch with us here at Newmart Builders for an estimate or more information.