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Trust Newmart Builders for Your High-Quality Metal Buildings in Virginia

There are plenty of storage solutions out there that might meet your needs, but when you want a high-quality metal carport, boat storage, garage, barn, or other metal building, you want the best. It can be discouraging to buy a metal building and have it take months before it is delivered to you, only to find it isn't the quality piece you wanted.

When you choose a metal building from Newmart Builders located right here in Virginia, you opt for a high-quality structure made in the United States that will exceed your expectations of what a metal building should be.

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Metal Building Options to Suit Your Needs

Our steel structures are endlessly customizable and meet many needs, whether for personal use or to aid in the agricultural industry. Structures made from traditional building materials are not as durable or heavy-duty as our metal buildings.

While we have some pre-made options, we can change anything on our plans to ensure you get a suitable building for what you want. There are so many options to choose from, and you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Browse our selection by exploring the choices below or contact us today if what you're looking for isn't listed!

A combo yellow metal building with a car port

Carports and Combos

Our metal carports offer excellent protection for your vehicle through any Virginia weather events. When you opt for a combo metal building, you will get that protection with convenient, additional storage for all kinds of equipment, tools, or supplies, too!

A cream metal building with a red roof intended for RV storage

RV and Boat Storage

Summertime never stays for long, so you need somewhere to store your boat or RV when you aren't using it! We offer a variety of buildings sized for boats or recreational vehicles. We can craft a structure to keep it protected year-round no matter what your vehicle.

A white and green garage with white garage doors

Garages and Workshops

A metal garage is an excellent option if you want a metal building to protect your belongings or a metal workshop for tinkering in. There is no hassle like you would get with regular construction!

An image of a green barn with white doors and trim

Barns and Agricultural

There are metal buildings suited to all your agricultural needs, like housing livestock, storing supplies, or keeping your equipment and machinery out of the elements. We can alter our flexible building designs to meet any of your farming or agricultural needs.

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Advantages of Owning One of Our Metal Buildings in Virginia

Metal structures have a lot of advantages, especially for people who want long-lasting storage solutions without the hassle of much maintenance. At Newmart Builders, we design our buildings for durability, sustainability, and to add value to your home. These ideal storage solutions are great as a carport, boat garage, and a home for your livestock, to name a few uses. Steel buildings also benefit from lower insurance premiums in many places because they are more durable than most other materials.

Not convinced yet? Some other advantages of metal buildings include:

  • Cost-efficient compared to other building materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Quick to assemble
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A side view of a long yellow metal structure with white garage doors for storage

Why Work with Newmart Builders?

A metal structure is an investment that should last for years and meet all your storage needs. We started our family-owned business in 1999 to bring the durability and efficiency of metal buildings to Virginia. We have been working with our customers to craft beautiful custom metal structures for over two decades, and we are dedicated to creating something high-quality for all your needs, too—whether you live along the coast or up near the mountains.

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Durable Construction

Constructed using 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting for superior strength, our buildings are made with durability in mind. We craft structures for various applications from residential to commercial to agricultural, so they must be solid and well-made to best serve our customers' needs and protect their property.

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Customized for Your Needs

Unhappy with plain-Jane metal structure options? Our metal buildings are customizable, so you get exactly what you want. From color to size, you decide what features we include and which ones you'd prefer we left out. If there's something you want to be done but aren't sure we can do it, just ask! Chances are, we can.

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American Owned and Operated

We love to provide jobs and opportunities to our neighbors, and that's why we build our metal buildings right here in the United States. This way, we can assure you that your metal building in Virginia is the high-quality product you deserve, not a hastily made, poor-quality product with no longevity.

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