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Need Metal Buildings in North Carolina? Turn to Newmart Builders

You've dreamed of a boat your whole life, and finally, you have one! You're excited to spend the summer out on the water, and you haven't been able to get the view of the bright blue sky over the beaches of North Carolina out of your head all day this week while you've been at work.

But suddenly, a thought occurs to you that you hadn't considered before—where are you going to store your boat when you aren't using it? Metal buildings are attractive options for all kinds of storage needs, and a metal building in North Carolina is a typical feature of many boat owners' properties.

No matter what kind of metal building you need, we at Newmart Builders will craft a high-quality structure that will meet and exceed all your expectations about what a metal building should be! We have been an American-owned and operated business for over two decades, making metal structures for many customers in agriculture, commercial companies, and people just like you looking for a sturdy storage solution for their property.

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Choose the Metal Building that's Right For You

Metal structures have many practical uses, and they are much more durable and reliable than you will find with other building materials. We have some pre-made options for you to browse, but we can customize any of our structures to suit your needs better! Get in touch with us today, and let's get started on the metal structure of your dreams.

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Carports and Combos

Metal carports offer a great deal of protection for your vehicle through the different seasons in North Carolina. We can even make it big enough to store all the tools you need as the seasons changeā€”a lawnmower for the summer, a snowblower for the winter, or your collection of rakes for the fall leaves. And if you choose to get a combo building, the convenient storage can hold all your car parts, tools, or other kinds of supplies.

An image of a red storage solution for a boat or RV.

RV and Boat Storage

RVs and Boats need a home when you aren't using them to keep them in perfect condition for the next time you can enjoy them! At Newmart Builders, we can customize a metal structure in any size for your boat, recreational vehicles, or any other motorized vehicles you may want to protect. Help keep your things well-maintained by keeping them safe and tucked away from the elements when you aren't using them.

A tan and green two-stall garage with white doors.

Garages and Workshops

Metal garages or metal workshops are an excellent option if you want a space to store your vehicles and tools or an expansion as your children grow up and you need more car parking options. You can rely on its durability and ability to protect your cars and whatever else you choose to store! There's no hassle like you would get with regular construction, and we can get the structure built quickly.

A photo of a red barn with white doors.

Barns and Agricultural

In the agricultural world, metal buildings can be enormously helpful. A home for livestock, storing equipment and supplies, or a place to keep your machinery are just some of the many uses of a metal building on North Carolina's lush farmland. Need something oddly shaped or want a specific color? We can do that! Our structures are fully customizable, so your building can perfectly meet your farming and agricultural needs.

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What Are Some Advantages of Choosing a Metal Building in North Carolina?

When you need a structure to protect and store your things from the weather in North Carolina, a metal building from Newmart Builders is ideal for the job. Our metal structures are customizable to fit your needs, from your favorite fishing boat to your sports equipment.

Some other benefits of our metal buildings include:

  • The materials are cost-efficient
  • Our structures are durable and long-lasting
  • You can customize every metal structure, including colors and features
  • Quick assembly so you can start using your metal building fast
man walking toward an RV under a metal carport

Why Choose Newmart Builders?

Any metal structure is an investment that will help protect your property for years to come, so you want to choose one from a company that genuinely cares about the quality of its metal buildings. In 1999, we decided that we wanted to bring high-quality metal buildings to the market in Virginia.

Over two decades later, we have been crafting superior metal structures for that market and the surrounding states, including North Carolina. So, whether you live near NC's beautiful beaches or inland closer to the Appalachian Mountains, you can trust our NC builders of metal buildings to meet your needs perfectly.

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Durable Construction

Newmart Builders crafts each one of our metal structures in NC to last. We serve customers who use our structures for commercial, agricultural, or even residential applications, and they must be high-quality to do their job correctly. We use 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting as our building materials, no matter what the intended purpose is for the metal structure. Our customers have come to rely on our steel buildings in NC to protect their property from the elements.

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Customized for Your Needs

There are plenty of lackluster metal structure options on the market, but when you want something unique and customized to your needs, you need a structure made by Newmart Builders. You control everything about the customization, from color to size and any other feature you might like. And if you've got something in mind for your structure that you haven't seen anywhere else, let us know! We would be happy to discuss whether we can do it or not. In most cases, we can!

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American Owned and Operated

At Newmart Builders, we commit to providing jobs and opportunities for our neighbors, and that's why we make all our metal buildings right here in the United States. Because we build our structures here, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product with the longevity and functionality you deserve. Metal buildings in North Carolina endure many weather events throughout the year, so you want something that will maintain its strength and usefulness for years of weather changes to come.

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