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High-Quality Metal Buildings in Maryland Offer Permanent Storage Solutions

As a state famous for blue crabs, beautiful summertime weather, and gorgeous beaches, it's no surprise that there are dozens of outdoor activities for you to enjoy if you live right here in Maryland. With so many different things to do, including boating, gardening, and ATV trails, there's a need for great storage solutions to keep all these fun things protected.

Whether you need overnight storage between adventures or a long-term solution for seasons where you won't be using them as often, Newmart Builders has you covered with our selection of metal buildings in Maryland. We offer pre-made options, or you can customize your shed entirely to meet your specific needs and match your structure to your home. Get in touch with us today, and we can talk about your needs and what storage building is right for you!

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Discover Our Metal Building Options

Practical and reliable, metal buildings are a great option for a storage solution. When you choose a metal structure from Newmart Builders, you get a durable structure that can withstand much more than other traditional building materials. We can create a metal building for any need you might have, custom-built from top-quality American steel.

A standard metal carport for storing a vehicle.

Carports and Combos

Choosing a metal carport or combo is excellent to help keep your favorite mode of transportation shielded from the elements in Maryland. Rain or shine, your car has a resting place for when you're not using it, all while being protected from the sun's direct rays. Plus, with a combo building, you have an additional storage option to keep all your seasonal car needs, like ice scrapers or toys for the beach. When you choose Newmart Builders, you'll get a structure that keeps your car safe and sound.

Boat storage with two ports to hold other vehicles or tools.

RV and Boat Storage

It's terrible to think about, but summer does eventually end in Maryland, and there are plenty of boat owners in need of a metal garage to store their vessel when they aren't using it. Recreational vehicles and boats alike are excellent reminders of the sunny days enjoyed, but they need somewhere to stay safe when they're taking their winter break. Our large metal storage structures are perfect for these vehicles, and we can customize the height to your specific needs and space.

A light gray garage with the door open.

Garages and Workshops

Are you looking for a place to store your tools and outdoor equipment? Need somewhere for your teenagers to park their cars? Adding a metal garage or workshop to your home is a great solution when you need more space for tools, toys, or your family's expanding collection of vehicles. Serve all your evolving needs with a metal storage structure. We can have your custom-built metal carports in Maryland delivered and installed quickly so you can use them right away!

An image of a green metal barn with white doors.

Barns and Agricultural

When you work in the agricultural sphere, you know that having the right building is essential to keep your tools, equipment, and livestock safe from the elements. When you're working on Maryland's agricultural landscape, you deserve structures that work just as hard as you, and you'll find that the metal buildings we craft are sturdy, durable, and reliable enough to get the job done right. We can alter any of our flexible designs to fit your agricultural and farming needs.

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Why Have a Metal Building in Maryland?

When searching for a long-term storage solution that requires little maintenance but a long lifespan, a metal building may be the right choice. Metal structures are great solutions for storing large things like cars, ATVs, and boats, but they are also suitable for storing gardening supplies, tools for tinkering, and keeping your kids' outdoor toys safe in one spot between uses.

Our metal buildings are great for homeowners in Maryland searching for outdoor storage solutions, but there are more than just storage benefits to metal buildings. You'll enjoy these other features:

  • Each structure is made from cost-efficient materials
  • Our metal buildings are highly durable and long-lasting
  • Each metal structure is fully customizable, so you can choose all the options you want
  • We quickly assemble your building, so you can schedule delivery and installation sooner
An image of a cream-colored metal garage with a red roof and white door.

Why Choose Newmart Builders' Metal Buildings?

You deserve more than what you'll get from the big box store's metal building kits. Maryland is home to boat lovers, sports fanatics, gardeners, and hobby car enthusiasts who need storage solutions for their pastimes and vehicles.

When you select a metal building from Newmart Builders, your structure will be crafted with as much care and attention to detail as all those before it. We've been working with people since 1999 to bring their custom metal buildings in Maryland to life with high-quality materials and a dedication to durability and reliability.

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Durable Construction

You may be able to find a generic metal structure on the internet or even at a hardware store that requires little effort to buy on sale. But when you need something reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting, you need a metal building from Newmart Builders. We use 14-gauge galvanized steel frames and 29-gauge steel sheeting for our building materials, no matter what we make, so you will always get the same durability in any of our buildings.

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Customized for Your Needs

Your metal structure needs may be unique, but don't let that make you feel like you'll never find the building of your dreams. Color, size, and even the shape of your metal structure are all in your hands when you choose a fully-customizable building from us. We can craft your design in any way you want, even if you're thinking of something you've never seen on a metal structure before! Just let us know what you want, and we will see what we can do.

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American Owned and Operated

Metal buildings in Maryland withstand many weather events, so they need to be made of high-quality materials to ensure they can stand up against the elements. Our metal structures are all made right here in the United States, providing jobs for our neighbors and allowing us to ensure that they are sturdy, well-built structures. You will not find hastily-built, poor-quality buildings when choosing one of our metal structures.

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