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Quality Metal Barns

When you're looking for metal barns near Virginia, North Carolina, or Maryland, look no further than Newmart Builders! Endlessly configurable, our steel barns offer multiple possibilities for agricultural applications, storage facilities, or your dream workshop or studio—all without the hassles and time involved in traditional frame construction.

Simply choose your length and width, then add rollup doors, windows, walk-in doors, and a multitude of other features to customize your metal barn to your exact specifications. If you're ready to get started, use our online BARN BUILDER to get an estimate or call 1-800-547-8480 to discuss your unique needs.

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Benefits of Owning a Metal Barn

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They're Durable

When you shop for metal buildings or barns, you can rest assured you're getting the sturdiest product available. We construct our metal barns with 14-gauge galvanized steel framing and 29-gauge steel sheeting for solid strength and durability. You can also choose our 2x3 steel framing for an even more durable metal!

And, don't worry about mother nature—our certified garages can meet 130 mph wind speed, 30 lb. snow load requirements, and include a 20-year limited warranty against framing rust-through (with normal care and maintenance).

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Attractive Design

Shopping for metal barns at Newmart Builders means you don't have to worry about your metal buildings looking like an eyesore in your yard anymore. Our metal barns start with a typical A-Frame building as their base for a classic and attractive design. In addition, we add two lean-tos—one on each side—for flexibility, added storage space, and a more pleasing design.

You can also choose between a traditional roof that steps down to the lean-tos or opt for a standard roof that blends seamlessly into the leans. The choice is yours.

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Plenty of Space

Did you know that our metal barns are wider and offer more storage capacity than our typical garages? This makes them perfect for storing livestock, feed supplies, farm vehicles, and much more. You can also use our metal barn buildings to create the ultimate handyman's workshop or studio with plenty of room to work, play, and store all the equipment you'll ever need.

Do you need a barn that's bigger and spans more than 41'? Newmart has built steel barns over 200' long and 44' wide for cars, horses, livestock, and farming equipment.

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Quick Construction

Traditional barn construction can take weeks or even months. But at Newmart, you can get metal barns in Virginia, North Carolina, or Maryland in as little as a few days! With numerous distribution centers offering local service, our installations are nothing short of timely.

Our expert installation team delivers your new metal barn right to your location and assembles it onsite in hours or days so you can get up and running as soon as possible. Plus, you can rest assured you'll have precise product specifications and measurements with our in-house quality control measures.

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Why Add Drip Stop to Your Metal Barn?

Here in Virginia, we know how much the weather can fluctuate from season to season or even day-to-day. As typical as these fluctuations are, the temperature and humidity changes cause dew point conditions that create damaging condensation under your metal building's roof. To help with that, we offer Drip Stop technology to eliminate that condensation and prevent water damage to your roof and building.

Drip Stop is a felt membrane that soaks up the moisture and holds it until it can be released back into the air. This creates a barrier between your metal roofing and any condensation that may lead to rust and structural damage. Adding Drip Stop to your metal barn is something we recommend to all of our customers, so let us know if you have any more questions about it.

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Other Metal Barn Options Available

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Service Doors

Add service doors to your metal building for easy access and entrances from any side.

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Roof & Corner Braces

Available for all of our buildings are roof and corner braces for added durability.

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Skylights offer ventilation and lighting options for your metal barn, saving you money on electricity.

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Let even more light in when you add virtually any number of windows to your building.

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Make sure to check out our 14 different color options available—we even have a camo color upgrade!

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